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In 1982, a group of nurses of the Surgical Center, members of the Brazilian Association of Nursing (ABEn), section city of Sao Paulo, had to be understood that discussions focused on the practice of nursing and scientific research on the care provided in Block operatively. Based on this demand, traders decided to create the study group in the Surgical Center and Center for Material (GECC).

Nine years later, the size and GECC had sufficient influence to become an association dedicated to the continuing education of professionals in the area. Thus was born the SOBECC, on 4 September 1991, initially only as the Brazilian Society of Nurses in the Surgical Center. At that time, was its first board, which was chaired by the nurse Ana Maria Ferreira de Miranda, one of the precursors of GECC.

Several colleagues contributed considerably to the development of the entity in its start of the activity, especially the nurse Pellizzetti Nazareth, who, as chairman of the management SOBECC in 1995-1997 and 1997-1999, has proposed continuing the work of the GECC and, among other achievements , created the SOBECC Magazine, which has been signing as a vital publication to guide the practice of nurses in Block operatively.

The continued gains in management 1999-2001 and 2001-2003, under the command of the nurse Joanna Lech. In that period SOBECC started to deliver training to professionals from other follow, as sales representatives of medical articles, hospitals, and launched its Best Practices, the first reference guide to the area. As a result of the dedication of the group, especially the nurse Sirlene Aparecida Negri Glasenapp, the SOBECC still managed to acquire its own seat in 2002, consolidating the progress that the founders of GECC bet more than 20 years.

The SOBECC is linked to the Brazilian Academy of Experts of Nursing (ABES) since 2000 and the International Federations Perioperative Nurses (IFPN) since 1999. Also, keep in partnership with the Association Operating Room Nurses (AORN).
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